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IPL - Photofacial Treatment Toronto

BBLLight-Based Technology for Your Quest of Flawless Skin

Clear, alabaster skin is something poets wrote about and painters tried to capture in their portraits of history’s great beauties. Now, that feminine ideal is within reach with this safe medically-tested procedure. There are two types of light-based technologies used at Avenue Skin Care in Yorkville. There is LED Photofacial, which is cool and relaxing. And there is IPL (Intense Pulse Light), a more intense treatment that delivers a bright blast of light at high energy levels. Both can be used for several conditions, and have been proven with medical research. We will advise you about which treatment is best for your skin condition.

If you have additional questions or wish to book a consultation with skin experts at Avenue Skin Care please call 416.962.0001.

Forever Young BBL featured on EXTRA TV - www.ForeverYoungBBL.com from Sciton on Vimeo.

How Will This Improve my Appearance?

  • Boosts collagen to create plumper, more youthful skin.
  • Removes facial veins or enlarged blood vessels that can be caused by pregnancy, oral contraceptives, sun exposure, temperature extremes or the consumption of alcohol over time.
  • Eliminates brown spots.
  • Eliminates broken capillaries and facial redness known as rosacea.
  • Treats acne.

Will It Hurt?

The IPL treatment feels like a quick pinch of the skin.

How Will I Look After The Treatment?

Depending on the number of conditions you are treating, a series of 3-6 treatment sessions is recommended. After a treatment your face will be flushed, feel warm and the brown spots will appear darker. This darkness flakes off in 3-10 days. Microdermabrasion is a popular procedure 7-10 days after your IPL.

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