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OxyGeneo® in Toronto

Enjoy the Benefits of a Super Facial

There is no single cause of an older-looking face. Wrinkles are certainly part of the problem, as are uneven skin texture and tone, dryness, and reduced volume. Despite the many elements that combine to give you a worn-out appearance, there is now a single solution: OxyGeneo®. Toronto’s Avenue Skin Care offers what patients and professionals alike are calling the "super facial" for its blend of treatments and revitalizing results.

The three aspects of a powerful OxyGeneo® treatment are exfoliation, infusion, and oxygenation. Learn more about how this trio can make a difference for you.

Arrange a consultation at Avenue Skin Care by calling 416.962.0001 or reaching out online. Find out what OxyGeneo® in Toronto could do for you.

OxyGeneo® Benefits

Because this super facial involves several rejuvenating tactics, it can generate many positive changes for your skin, including plumper and rounder curves, a youthful glow, an increase in collagen and healthy skin cells, diminished brown spots and other pigmentation problems, reduced wrinkles.

How OxyGeneo® Works

Over time, your outermost layer of skin becomes dull and crisscrossed with lines, though there is a fresher-looking layer waiting beneath the surface. OxyGeneo® exposes this newer layer, similar to microdermabrasion, but gently penetrating deeper into the dermis.

With the skin exfoliated, the OxyGeneo® device infuses the revealed layer with a nutrient-rich gel via a Capsugen capsule. There are two formulas to pick from: NeoRevive offers further rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits, while NeoBright focuses on improving texture and brightening skin.

Finally, an OxyGeneo® treatment delivers countless tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide, similar to a carbonated drink. These bubbles stimulate the surface of the skin and trigger a natural reaction, which involves oxygen-rich blood flowing to the treated area. This benefits capillaries, improves metabolism, and encourages absorption of the infused nutrients.

What Does OxyGeneo® Infuse?

The NeoBright formula contains azelaic acid to decrease pigment production and even out skin tone, kojic acid to further diminish pigment production, and the vitamin A-based retinol to stimulate collagen and skin cell production.

The NeoRevive formula is composed of hyaluronic acid to return moisture to dried-out skin, peptides that further aid moisture retention, and the collagen- and skin-cell-boosting retinol.

Your provider can help you decide which formula will best give your skin the boost it needs to give you the look you want, but either one will make a noticeable and vital difference.

Other Skin Treatments Available at Avenue Skin Care

There are plenty of options beyond OxyGeneo® for patients who want to revitalize their skin. Talk to the Avenue Skin Care team about which may be right for you.

With a similar idea to OxyGeneo®, Silk Peel removes worn skin and infuses the deeper layers with beneficial serums to even out tone, remove blemishes, and provide a dewy complexion.

Peels remove the outermost layer of skin with specially formulated chemicals, while microdermabrasion does the same by gently polishing away the unwanted epidermis. Dermaplaning involves a lightly exfoliating scalpel that also eliminates peach fuzz.

Another choice, Derma Roller, uses a series of tiny needles to trigger fresh collagen production and facial healing that generates a refreshed glow.

Come to Avenue Skin Care for OxyGeneo® in Toronto. Call 416.962.0001 or set up a consultation to learn more.

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