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Derma Roller Toronto

A Kick-Start to New, Baby Skin

Derma Roller treatment is a perfect example of what Avenue Skin Care in Toronto means when we say that the cosmetic skin industry has evolved to a greater understanding of how to rejuvenate your appearance. The reason why we see a change in skin as we age is because of the lack of collagen, which we would bottle if we could. It is really the fountain of youthful-looking skin. But now, there’s a new treatment, clever in its ingenuity, that actually encourages the skin to produce collagen. We use a device that has super-fine spikes designed to lightly pierce the skin, forcing it to repair itself with the production of collagen and new cells.

If you have additional questions or wish to book a consultation with skin experts at Avenue Skin Care please call 416.962.0001.

How Will This Improve My Appearance?

  • A reduction in pigmentation, so your skin has a youthful, uniform glow.
  • Dewy complexion because of the necessary production of collagen, generation of new cells and increased blood supply to the skin.
  • Reduction of acne scarring.

Does It Hurt?

This treatment starts with the application of numbing topical cream on the face. The routine of running the DermaRolling device over the surface of the face takes about half an hour and is easily tolerated. The super-fine spikes penetrate the dermis of the skin, which in turn rapidly closes up to repair itself, and it is in the healing that new cells and collagen are produced. There is no lasting skin damage. The treatment causes the skin to kick-start a natural process of collagen production.

How Will I Look Immediately After?

You will have a reddish glow, as though you have a moderate sunburn. But this subsides within a few hours and is generally gone by the next day. Many clients go right back to their normal activities with no downtime. A soothing cream is applied to help promote healing and calm irritation. Use of make-up is not recommended during the first 12 hours, and a high sunscreen should be applied. The best part is, as time goes on, the healing process keeps on working. So the results get more evident in the coming weeks.

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