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ThermiVa® in Toronto

Bring Back Comfort, Control, and Confidence

Vaginal atrophy is not a fun subject to discuss, but it's even less fun to deal with as a physical condition. The loosening and drying up of an area that was once tight and well lubricated can lead to personal dissatisfaction, discomfort or pain, and other problems. There is a solution: ThermiVa®. Toronto's Avenue Skin Care offers the modern, non-surgical treatment for women who want to regain the look and feel they used to enjoy in their vaginal area.

ThermiVa® uses heat energy to counter the effects of age-related vaginal atrophy, as well as similar problems that can be triggered by the trauma of childbirth or hormonal shifts.

Contact Avenue Skin Care to learn more about ThermiVa® for Toronto-area patients. Call 416.962.0001 to set up a complimentary consultation.

How ThermiVa® Works

ThermiVa® is a simple but effective device that generates a safe, radiofrequency-based electrical current.

Heat generated by the device's radiofrequency energy provides two main benefits: It contracts the vulval and vaginal soft tissues, making openings tighter. The energy also stimulates new collagen growth, which strengthens the formerly lax tissues and increases the area’s moisture-holding ability.

Each hand-piece is shaped like an "S" with rounded tips for comfort and ease of application, and is single-use for hygiene and safety. A treatment session should last about half an hour and yield both immediate and increasingly effective results, with improvements continuing to develop in the weeks after your session.

Results may last for nine months, though ideal conditions will yield benefits that can last a year. The best results may require up to three treatment sessions, with annual maintenance visits after that to maintain the rejuvenated look and feel long term.

What Vaginal Atrophy Symptoms Does ThermiVa® Address?

A loose vaginal opening and labia can reduce pleasurable sensations during vaginal intercourse, while a drop in natural lubrication can lead to excess friction that causes unpleasant or even painful feelings.

While lax and sagging tissue can change the look of both the external and internal vaginal features, a lack of structural support in the area can also lead to a leaky bladder.

Since collagen is the skin’s main component for building strong yet flexible tissues, its reintroduction into the vaginal area provides numerous improvements: moisture increases, desired sensations return, and firmer support for the bladder reduces instances of incontinence.

More Treatments Available

Women who seek out ThermiVa® due to cosmetic and physical problems caused by childbirth frequently have other conditions they would like addressed as well. Hormone and weight fluctuations can lead to stubborn pockets of fat that cling to the body at the belly, hips, and elsewhere. CoolSculpting® treats this unwanted fat by cooling it to the point it no longer remains viable and is eliminated from the body.

Skin tightening can help to firm up lax skin on the face and body, creating a toned and sleeker look more typical of a pre-baby body.

Avenue Skin Care offers a variety of options for facial and body rejuvenation for women with a variety of motivations. The team can help each patient to select the treatment or combination of treatments designed to deliver the best results possible for you.

Bring your questions about ThermiVa® to Toronto's Avenue Skin Care. Call 416.962.0001 to set up a complimentary consultation.
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