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miraDry® in Toronto

Eliminate Underarm Moisture and Odor Glands

Most people expect to work up a significant sweat on hot days or after exercise, but a condition known as hyperhidrosis causes men and women alike to regularly soak their shirts no matter the temperature or physical activity. Constantly wet underarms can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, tamed only by antiperspirants and deodorants—until now. With miraDry® at Toronto's Avenue Skin Care, patients can stop worrying about excessive sweating after just one noninvasive treatment.

A miraDry® session involves a device that directs focused energy into the glands that produce sweat, destroying them. This is a safe, permanent solution.

Call Avenue Skin Care at 416.962.0001 to find out more about miraDry® for Toronto-area patients, or set up a consultation online.

How miraDry® Works

First, your miraDry® provider at Avenue Skin Care will mark the underarm area with a template that reveals exactly where to deploy the gland-eliminating energy.

Next, your underarms will be numbed to minimize sensation and increase comfort.

Finally, the miraDry® device will be pressed against the template on your skin and activated. Suction energy will pull your skin closer to the handpiece, bringing the unwanted glands closer with it, the heat energy will travel beneath the surface, permanently damaging the glands that cause undesirable sweat and odors.

Results are 82 percent effective after only or two treatment sessions. Antiperspirants have only a fraction of that effectiveness.

Patients may notice that their underarms are sore or swollen, or they may experience a tingling sensation in the area in the days and weeks after a treatment. These commonly felt sensations will fade.

Also note that a miraDry® treatment at Avenue Skin Care can significantly reduce underarm hair— curtailing its growth by as much as 60 or 70 percent.

Who Is miraDry® For?

The treatment is ideal for any adults who want to curb their underarm sweating, whether it is considered excessive or not. While hyperhidrosis sufferers frequently choose miraDry® to help them with their physical problem, it can also work for people who sweat what would be considered a typical amount.

The underarm area holds only about two percent of the body’s sweat glands, or 40,000 to 80,000 glands out of a total of 2 to 4 million. The destruction of only underarm glands does not significantly impede the body's overall ability to regulate temperature and eliminate toxins through sweat. What a miraDry® treatment does do is allow patients to break the cycle of deodorants and antiperspirants, which can be expensive and even carry health risks.

More Treatments Available at Avenue Skin Care

Patients with stretch marks in their underarm area can talk to the Avenue Skin Care team about the possible benefits of laser skin resurfacing, which can also reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Some other available cosmetic treatments include CoolSculpting®, which can reduce stubborn, unwanted fat on the upper arms and elsewhere on the body. Thermage® is a tightening treatment that addresses skin laxity and provides a slimmer, sleeker look in place of a sagging, flabby one.

The Avenue Skin Care team can work with you to determine the best treatment or combination of treatments to help you achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals.

Come to Avenue Skin Care for miraDry® in Toronto. Call 416.962.0001 or set up a complimentary consultation to learn more.

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