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Our microblading procedure is administered by hand rather than machine, microblading affords patients a unique level of precision and detail in regard to both eyebrow shape and color. A microblading pen is three times thinner than the needle utilized in tattoos, and the administrator sweeps the pen across the skin, creating individual strands of hair.

Who is a good candidate for microblading in Toronto?

Women and men of any age who are interested in achieving beautiful eyebrows without daily maintenance are good candidates for a microblading procedure.

However, in order to achieve safe, quality results, patients with particular medical conditions do not make good candidates for microblading. If any of the following conditions or situations applies to you, please discuss this during your consultation:

  • You are pregnant or nursing

  • You are diabetic

  • You are currently undergoing chemotherapy

  • You have a heart condition or high blood pressure

  • You have epilepsy

  • You suffer from a skin condition such as psoriasis, acne, sunburn, or rash on or near the eyebrows

We encourage our patients to discuss any concerns prior to scheduling a microblading treatment in Toronto.

What should I expect during my first microblading treatment in Toronto?

As each patient is unique with specific needs, goals, and eyebrows, each microblading treatment session is different. However, patients can expect that a basic microblading procedure will require between 1 and 2 hours. Yorkville and Toronto patients who are utilizing microblading to camouflage scars or correct previous procedures might require additional appointments.

Many patients are concerned about how a microblading session will feel, but many patients compare the sensation to that of tweezing their eyebrows. Patients who are particularly sensitive or concerned about possible pain can request a topical anesthetic to minimize any sensations during the microblading procedure.

Because microblading is performed by hand and—most importantly—by a licensed and trained Medical Aesthetician at Avenue Skin Care, this treatment option allows patients to achieve natural results without the harsh results many people might expect from other permanent or semi-permanent makeup procedures.

Most Toronto patients will need a touch-up procedure after their first session.

Will there be any side effects or downtime after my Yorkville microblading treatment?

Microblading is a noninvasive procedure that allows patients to resume their normal activities and schedule immediately following their procedure. However, there are some precautionary measures patients can take to ensure the best possible results for their eyebrows. Specifically, patients should apply sunscreen and avoid direct exposure to sun, avoid intensive exercise for at least one week following the microblading procedure, and avoid swimming for one week.

Save hours spent in front of the mirror and enhance your existing features. Be your own kind of beautiful!